outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular with homeowners recently. By adding an outdoor kitchen can be an excellent investment for any property. Before you decide to add one to your home, check out these 10 things to consider before planning an outdoor kitchen install.



Set your outdoor kitchen in a location that allows you to take food to and from your indoor kitchen with minimal effort. It will always ease of extending your indoor dining experience outdoors.


Choose low maintenance materials that will make cleaning more feasible. Stainless steel and non-porous surfaces like limestone are ideal materials for outdoor kitchens. Furniture materials should include teak wood and High-Density Polyethylene Wicker. While natural stones are preferred inside the home, you should consider cultured granite with UV inhibitors, so colors don’t fade in the sun. Granite counters look great but will require regular sealing to prevent weathering. It is important to remember that your outdoor kitchen will have to withstand rain, sleet, snow, and high temperatures.

Pre, Cooking, Serving, and Cleaning Stations

Make sure that you have planned areas dedicated where you can prep, cook, serve, and clean dishes. This will make your outdoor kitchen plan an all in one, comprehensive dining solution.

Outdoor Dining

Invest in a quality outdoor dining set that is stable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing. All weather-wicker and teak are sustainable weather materials. A table that can convert into a larger one when extra space is needed.


It’s essential to have a place to host. A bar with raised dining tables enables dialogue among guests and for getting drinks.

Living Space

You cannot forget about a place for guests to relax and hang out. Your plans for our outdoor kitchen should include a living space for people to gather after the meal has been completed.

Outdoor Heating and cooling

You will want to make sure that your guests are not too hot or cold to enjoy your outdooring space. This can be accomplished by strategically placing patio heaters and fans within your living space.  A fireplace is a great addition and focal point to any outdooring living space around your backyard.

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen Layout

The layout of your outdoor kitchen is one of the most important things you’ll have to decide on. It is essential to consider how you plan to use your outdoor kitchen space when you are deciding upon the layout. You will want to make sure to maximize the area, so you will want to spend as much time there as possible.


One thing that homeowners often forget is the additional energy cost that will be associated with an outdoor kitchen. Save room in your budget for cleaning costs, upkeep & maintenance, and utility bills.

Entertainment & Accessibility

Don’t forget about how you want to entertain your guest in your outdoor space. Therefore, adding built-in speakers for music or TV above the fireplace for watching games. Adequate lighting is necessary to keep your outdoor living area safe and accessible for all individuals. If you have guests who disabled, make sure that you accommodate all paths and walkways for them. Accessible outdoor furniture allows everybody to enjoy it.

We hope that you found these 10 things to consider before planning your outdoor kitchen space helpful. If you are looking for a landscape architect to help you make your outdoor living space of your dreams a reality, then contact us to get your personalized plan today!